A bit about me

My Doula Do's

Provide loving and continous reliable support

To listen, to hear, to validate and

help you grow in confidence

Signpost to evidence based information, specialised organisations and local support groups

Help with preparations so you

and your partner (if applicable) are as

ready as can be for the

amazing adventure that lies ahead

Guide you to make informed decisions

Help creating and holding a safe space

Be as hands-on or hands-off

as you want me to be

Work client lead


My Doula Don't's

Perform any clinical tasks

Make medical diagnoses


Make decisions for you


Project my own beliefs onto your experiences


 Judge your decisions

Past life...

Being born and raised in the busy cities of the Netherlands it was quite the jump (over 20 years ago) to move to rural Carmarthenshire in Wales.

Have not looked back since.


After having worked in Cardiology for nearly two decades I went back to school to do an art degree and after graduating I became a self-employed designer/maker of craft products.

Being emerged in creativity not only gave a lot of joy, it also very clearly brought the message home that I can't escape caring for others.

It is an undeniable part of my genetic make-up and is deeply connected to my own sense of well being and purpose in life.


(If you like, watch this little video that I made back in the day - since then devadesign has changed to haverkamp design).


Current Life...

So fast forward, here I am as a doula.

Finally, a lifelong collection of dots and threads have miraculously come together in this wonderful and amazing profession.

I love being able to share my calm, my care, my warmth, my knowledge, and I would feel deeply honoured to be by your side to offer support during this very special, life changing period in your life.

In this day and age, sometimes everything can feel quite overwhelming, fragmented, and even devoid of humanity, with very little continuity of care.

With my support I aim to counterbalance any worries or concerns and encourage confidence and trust in your own innate wisdom and strength, should you feel the connection is obscured.


In addition to all things doula related, I love indulging in creative activities to satisfy that persistent itch.

I am also interested in mid-century to modern furniture and interior decorating and design, meditation and non-duality, holistic therapies, veggie recipes (although I'm not a 100% strict vegetarian) and sustainability.

My travels - more in the past than in recent years - have opened my eyes to different cultures and I'm always eager to learn more about various customs. 

Oh, and I don't mind watching some sports on tv (still living in hope that somebody can explain those rugby rules to me!).

I did my training with Nurturing Birth
(Doula UK approved course) and
a Certified Birthing and Postnatal Doula.

I am proud to let you know that I am mentored
nd hopefully will be for life!
I don't have to be mentored, 
it is my choice to be.

Just like my mentors are being mentored. 

It means that there is an ongoing opportunity to be supported, to be challenged, to be stimulated, to explore and to learn from each other. 
It means knowing that I've got an incredibly strong and loving doula support network by my side.
Furthermore, it means by hiring me
you don't just have me,
but a whole team cheering for you
and backing you up!